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Course Reserves

 Questions? Please contact the Course Reserves Specialist or call (660) 562-1193.

About Course Reserves

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The Reserve Collection is an extension of the classroom in that it supports academic programs and includes:

  • material which is in great demand because it has been placed on course reading/viewing lists
  • official University publications
  • style manuals
  • periodicals and newspapers in great demand
Course-related materials that may be placed on Reserve:  Materials that may not be placed on Reserve by instructors without special permission from library personnel:
  • notes and exams professors have made available for students' use
  • required readings (listed as such on the syllabus) from library books, instructor's personal copies, or photocopied materials
  • Audiovisual Materials; models
  • DVD/Blu Ray Discs

  • course required textbooks
  • reference books



Loan Periods Available

2-Hour, In-library Use Only
        These items are checked out for 2 hours only and cannot leave the building.

4-Hour, In-library Use Only
        These items are checked out for 4 hours only and cannot leave the building.

        These items can be checked out anytime during the day and are due back before the library closes on
         the next day.

        Items can be checked out anytime during the day and are due back before the library closes on the 3rd

        Items can be checked out anytime during the day and are due back before the library closes on the 7th

Reserve Process

Northwest faculty may place items on Reserve by completing a Reserve Request Form.

The information you list on this form should match its listing on your syllabus. The total number of items that may be placed on Reserve is 25 titles per trimester per instructor.

When professors place student-authored works on Reserve (such as research papers, resumes, completed assignments, models, charts, etc.), they will need to have each student author fill out a copy of the Release Form for Reserve Use of Student Projects.

Instructors may place materials on Reserve at any time during the trimester. Materials will be removed from the Reserve shelves at the end of the current trimester unless otherwise noted on the request form. They will then be de-processed and returned to the instructors and/or returned to the stacks (usually around the fourth week of the following trimester)


To renew a Reserve listing that was placed on Reserve for only one trimester you must notify the Reserve Specialist (email) before the start of the following trimester.

Processing: Please allow up to 5 working days for processing of materials before they will be available for checkout.


Faculty may add or remove items any time during the trimester. Please notify the Reserve Specialist (email) ahead of time when you want to remove materials from Reserve, even if the materials are your own copies. Reserve items must be de-processed before they can be returned to you.

To update or review Reserve materials:

Faculty who need to look over or add to materials that they have placed on Reserve should see the Reserve Specialist. The Reserve Specialist (email) can make arrangements to check the material out to you for an appropriate length of time.

Student Access: A call number and Bearcat ID are required to check out a Reserve item.

Students may look up the call number by searching the instructor name or course name here and bring the number to the Library Services Desk to check out the item. Patrons will be charged 50 cents per hour for Reserve materials returned after the time due.


Faculty must provide their own photocopies to be placed on Reserve. Photocopies should have 1" margins and no large black areas. Instructors should note on the Reserve Request Form whether materials are required reading or suggested reading. The number of photocopies allowed will depend upon this. Only one copy will be placed on Reserve for suggested readings and one copy for every five students (up to a maximum of six copies) for required readings.

Copyright Permission:

Instructors are responsible for providing full bibliographic citations for every photocopied item so that the Reserve Specialist can apply for copyright clearance. Alternately, instructors may provide proof of secured permission to the Reserve Specialist (see Copyright Permission). 

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