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Camp CATastrophe

Camp CATastrophe

Camp CATastrophe
June 23-28, 2019
Ages 15-18 (Before January 2019)
Check in: 4pm

Registration Closed for 2019

Camp CATastrophe is an overnight camp focused on leadership, teamwork and decision-making in tough situations. Campers will complete a series of challenges based around the scenario of a disaster happening in the Maryville area and work to find solutions to the problems that arise.

Camp CATastrophe is full immersion. From the time participants step onto site, they are active within our exercise scenario. They organize their teams, make decisions, learn from mistakes and achieve successes. They will see the scenario and take action with exercise staff present to provide support and information as needed to maximize the campers' experience. By the end of our exercises, campers will have formed highly effective teams that are able to address real-world problems with innovative solutions.