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Grace Niemeyer

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

I’ve had five or six internships throughout my time at Northwest, so the profession-based learning outside of the classroom has been extremely beneficial.

Grace Niemeyer
Communication: Public Relations

Grace Niemeyer

Graduating Class: 2019
Hometown:  Cortland, Nebraska
Major:  Communication: Public Relations
Other Activities:

  • Christian Campus House
  • CommCats
  • AdInk
  • Lambda Phi Eta
  • Study abroad
  • Peer advisor

The Northwest Experience

As a Nebraska resident, Grace was hesitant about attending Northwest and paying out-of-state tuition. However, because of a longtime friend and her interest in the special education program, she decided to take a chance on coming to Maryville to earn her college degree. 

She changed her major to her new found passion in communication and public relations. As a sophomore, she was selected by her advisor to present at the Central States Communication Association, allowing her to travel to Milwaukee, present to professionals at a convention and network with potential employers.  

Reflecting on her time at Northwest, Grace recommends that students take advantage of multiple networking opportunities and internships.

The opportunities Grace seized at Northwest gave her multiple new tools to become successful and graduate career ready, day one.