Practice Academic Honesty

How can I use information from a source without using the author's words?

STEP 1: Click Can Paraphrasing Practice Help Students Define Plagiarism? to display and read an article.
HINT: You will need to click the HTML Full Text link to view the article.

STEP 2: Compare the following paragraph with the article and decide if the information is properly paraphrased.
HINT: To find out if a phrase from the paragraph below appears in an HTML full text article:

  1. Copy the phrase from the paragraph
  2. Open the HTML full text article using the link in STEP 1
  3. Hold down the CTRL key and press the f key
  4. Paste the phrase into the the Find what: box that appears
  5. Click the Find Next button
  6. If the phrase appears in the article, it will be highlighted


Plagiarism is the new dirty word on many college campuses. Lack of knowledge about plagiarism and how to avoid it leads many students to plagiarize. Professors are increasingly interested in teaching students how to prevent committing plagiarism. Students can learn from a series of assignments designed to increase their understanding and knowledge of plagiarism. Practicing paraphrasing and citing techniques is a good way for teachers to help students find out how to write without copying someone else's work (Barry).

STEP 3: Does this paragraph include any plagiarized phrases?


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