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Northwest Missouri State University

[ Student Employees, Interactive Digital Media (IDM), and Presidential Scholars Showcase ]

°Akiko Ishii °Jami Harris °Andy Papek °Emily Bahr
°Justin Krecker °Angela Noland
   & Josh Hutson
°Derick Berry °Becky Rainford
°Charlie Jorgenson °Amanda Bruhn °Sam Feldman °Mark Walker
°Patrick Sasser °Lisa Hendrix

Interested in an internship with the library?

Akiko Ishii (+/-)

Jami Harris (+/-)

  • Owens Library Virtual Tour (Freshman Seminar)
    Design by: Jami Harris
    Editors: Lori Mardis and Pat Wyatt
  • Jami also redesigned a logo displayed on Brick and Click Symposium tote bags, advertisments displayed on the library homepage, and a graphic template for a library newsletter

Andy Papek (+/-)

Emily Bahr (+/-)

  • Emily also created a photo archive of the library and tabletop promotional materials on the Help with Research and Help with Citing service.

Justin Krecker (+/-)

  • Justin also redesigned a Faculty brochure that explained library services and policies

Angela Noland and Josh Hutson (+/-)

Derick Berry (CITE IDM intern) (+/-)

Charlie Jorgenson (+/-)

Amanda Bruhn (+/-)

  • "Everything you want all in one place: Owens Library" (Freshman Seminar)
    Design by: Amanda Bruhn
    Editors and Content Provider: Lori Mardis

  • Library Poster

  • Amanda also designed advertisments displayed on the library's homepage and created MOBIUS tutorial quizzes.

Sam Feldman (+/-)

  • Library4U Tutorial
    Design by: Sam Feldman
    Content, Captivate movie creator, and title/table of contents/closing page created by: Lori Mardis

Mark Walker (+/-)

Patrick Sasser (+/-)

Lisa Hendrix (+/-)

Becky Rainford (+/-)

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