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Multicultural Education Literature Sources

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Books About Children's Multicultural Literature and Education

The Allure of authors: Author Studies in the Elementary Classroom
This book explores the place and power of author studies in the elementary classroom. Areas presented include: reasons for readers' fascination with particular authors; specific author-study models are examined against the backdrop of major literary movements over the centuries; practical aspects of designing and implementing an author study; demonstrations of ways in which to merge theory and practice; suggestions for additional author studies.

American Indian Stereotypes in the World of Children
The first edition of this anthology was first compiled to "shock adults into realizing that the world of contemporary American infants and young children is saturated with inappropriate images of Indians." Unfortunately, almost twenty years later, too many toys, picture books, television programs, and sports team mascots bombard children with ignorance and insensitive images of Native people. The second edition of this book has the same purpose. New material has been added to again shock parents, educators, and other caregivers into positive action. The bibliography in this second edition has been tripled. Also, a variety of new learning materials have been added for teachers and other educators.

Bibliography of Books By and About Blacks
This is a revised, alphabetical, cumulative listing of the black holdings of the Inman E. Page Library at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. Originally entitled "Bibliography of Books by and About Negroes", it contains books and materials listed in the 1968 edition of the bibliography, the five supplements published between 1970 and 1977, and additions cataloged through December 1980. Although this bibliography is somewhat dated, it is important for use researching older black writers and their works.

Black American Women in Literature: a Bibliography, 1976 through 1987
The purpose of this book is to facilitate research on the work of Black American women writers. The book includes the poetry, short fiction, novels, essays, and plays by, and criticism on, approximately 300 women whose work has been published in periodicals and anthologies since 1976., Over eighty periodical titles and two hundred books have been researched to gather the materials used. Science fiction and children's literature are included. The arrangement of the book is alphabetical by author.

Black Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books: a Biographical Dictionary
"The dictionary is arranged alphabetically by the author's and illustrator's surname. A selected bibliography appears at the end of each biographical sketch. . . . A total of 115 sketches are included."

Children's Books and Their Creators
"Children's Books and Their Creators, an illustrated, alphabetically arranged encyclopedia, covers children's and young adult books of the twentieth century. The three types of entries are biographies about the creators; overviews of history, issues, and genres; and "Voices of the Creators," written by the authors and illustrators themselves. The biographical essays provide basic information abut the full scope of a creator's work, including the time period and genres in which the creator worked,some of the titles produced, an overall assessment of the work, and some sense of the themes, strengths, and, if appropriate, weaknesses of the books. The longer essays explore books dealing with the Holocaust, preschool books, Latino books, animal stories, mysteries, and alphabet books, as well as genre overviews."

Children's Books From Other Countries
Identifying international books can be difficult for busy teachers, librarians and parents. This book, sponsored by the United States Board on Books for Young People, has as its primary purpose to help its readers identify quality international literature for children. Good annotations and indexing.

Crossing Borders with Literature of Diversity
"This book is divided into four sections. Section I . . . presents a discursion of this book's theme, purpose, rationale and definitions of terms . . . [as well as] discusses the publishing of children's books reflecting diversity since 1960. Section II is the annotations section. . . . where the books are grouped thematically, according to . . . physical borders . . . cultural borders . . . and . . . inner borders. Section III. . . . focuses on the practical use of literature of diversity as a part of the reading/language arts curriculum. . . . [and] deals with issues involved with selecting literature of diversity. The fourth section, the appendixes, offers alternative ways of thinking about grouping the titles highlighted in Section II to aid in curriculum planning. Also included is an appendix of possible sources for purchasing the books."

Dealing with Diversity Through Multicultural Fiction
Areas covered include: rationale for a literature based program; selection process for multicultural literature; implementing the thematic approach; models for collaboration; long-term results of a multicultural literature-based program.

Dictionary of Multicultural Education
The focus of this dictionary is to help explicate the meanings and perspectives of various terms that are used in multicultural education. It is designed to serve as a resource for scholars, students, education practitioners, multicultural educators and lay people. Terms, with extended definitions, are given in alphabetical order. Bibliographic references are included after each entry.

Freedoms Plow: Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom
Topics covered include: teaching in an anti-racist school: constructing schools as multiracial/multicultural democracies; text selection; ethnicity, gender, and cultural revitalization; music; literature; the expanding community. Includes bibliographic references and index.

From Biography to History: Best Books for Children's Entertainment and Education
This book provides librarians and teachers with resources to meet the needs of students, recommending up-to-date biographies and related books for nearly 300 men and women of historical interest to students in grades 3 to 9. The titles were selected to fit in with student's research needs and with the hope that they will find the information sufficiently entertaining to seek more details about the person and the era. Author, title, and subject indexes expand the usefulness of this volume. The subject index provides access to the accomplishments and professions of the featured individuals, linking scientists, politicians, activists, etc. It also connects biographies and their time period. The subject index will also be a useful aid in collection development. In addition to the indexes, a chronology is provided which makes it easy to pick out names relevant to a particular time period.

Inquiries in Literacy Learning and Instruction: the Fifteenth Yearbook of the College Reading Association
Topics discussed include: classroom discussions; story writing; reading comprehension; volunteer literacy programs; portfolio assessment; reading education courses for preservice teachers; teaching about multicultural education in a reading methods course. A list of bibliographical references is included.

Invitations : Changing as Teachers and Learners, K-12
"[T] he section of Invitations known as The Blue Pages has been updated, expanded, and revised to provide the most comprehensive annotated teacher resources available in one place. It includes the latest and best children's and young adult literature K-12 including many multicultural titles and supplemental lists; professional texts; assessment and evaluation books and resources; spelling books and resources; math, science, and social studies resources; journals, journal articles, newsletters; literacy extension resources that support the integration of the language arts across the curriculum; and extensive and practical appendices for classroom use."

Kids' Multicultural Cookbook: Food and Fun Around the World
Cooks is a fun way to learn about cultures around the world. By looking closely at the ingredients in the recipes you can discover what foods are available in different countries. In addition to delicious recipes from countries around the world, the author has also included fun facts, creative cooking ideas, cultural clues, games that relate to each country.

Kaleidoscope: A Multicultural Booklist for Grades K-8
This book is an annotated bibliography of selected books about or related to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans/Latinos, and Native Americans. It also lists books involving people and countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and the Caribbean, as well as relevant books set in Mexico, Canada, or England. In addition, it includes works that focus on interracial and intercultural topics, issues and relationships. The books are suitable for children from kindergarten through eighth grade. This is intended to serve as a resource for teachers and librarians.

Many Peoples,: One Land: A Guide to New Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
This volume is the "successor to This Land is Our Land (1994), [described below] involves books of fiction, oral tradition, and poetry published 1994-1999 suitable for young people from preschool through high school. It deals with four major ethnic groups in the United states: African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native-American Indians. Contained are 561 entries on 541 books (a few are considered in more than one category, such as anthologies of both fiction and poetry). Also included in these entries is information about 130 other books by these writers or related books that help in identifying the writer or that amplify the description of a particular book. In addition, entries are also expanded by references to more than 260 books that appear in the earlier volume."

More Books Kids Will Sit Still For: A Read-Aloud Guide
This vital guide culls the best and most exciting picture books, poetry, folklore, fiction and nonfiction books for children from preschool through the sixth grade. Each entry provides a brief plot summary, extensive activities, related titles and subject designations, as well as bibliographic details. Author, title, illustrator and subject indexes are included. Contains over 2,000 recommended titles through 1995.

Multicolored Mirror: Cultural Substance in Literature for Children and Young Adults
The authors discuss development of self-esteem in children of color; evaluating books by and about African-Americans; authentic multicultural literature for children; 1492-1992 from an American Indian perspective; cultural substance; commentaries on cultural authenticity and accuracy in multicultural childrens and young adult books; childrens multicultural literature resources. Also included is a list of one hundred and one recommended books by and about people of color.

Multicultural Childrens Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, Grades K-8
This is a collection of childrens literature that encourages readers of all ages to expand their horizons by opening a wealth of books that include varying perspectives of history and human experience. Through these books, children are exposed to characters, fictitious and factual, of all races. The formal of the books includes books for grades K-3 and grades 4-8 in African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and Native American literature. There is also a listing of Teachers Curricular Resources for each grade.

Multicultural Cookbook for Students
A wonderful way to learn about people and their cultures is to study the production and preparation of the foods of their country. This book is divided into seven broad sections, based loosely on the continents of the world. This cooking journey begins in Africa, and travels around the world, linking countries and peoples through their natural resources, agriculture, and methods of preparing foods. The author's intent was to gather a good variety, using inexpensive ingredients wherever possible, including both easy-to-prepare and more ambitious recipes -- 337 recipes from 122 countries. The books includes a glossary of terms and ends with a comprehensive index, listing of recipe names, major ingredients, countries, and other terms.

Multicultural Folktales for the Feltboard and Readers' Theater
In this book you will find twenty short, lively, tellable stories; elegantly simple patterns; and readers' theater scripts that capture the essence of the characters and situations in language that is suitable for young children. The book contains stories from a wide range of cultures, with special emphasis on ethnic groups in the United States. Each tale in the book is presented in two formats: in prose for storytelling and in script form for readers' theater. Traceable patterns for figures are included with each tale.

Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults: A Selected Listing of Books By and About People of Color
The authors have paid careful attention to issues of accuracy and authenticity. This is an annotated bibliography that represents a careful selection of children's and young adult books with multicultural themes and topics. Most were published in the United States between 1991 and 1996. These books were selected on the basis of innovation in style, accuracy of content, importance of theme, and/or unusualness of insight. Excellent organization and indexing. The annotation are exceptionally good. This is one of the best books in this area that I have seen. Highly recommended.

Multicultural Voices in Contemporary Literature: A Resource for Teachers
This book "celebrates the lives and works of forty inspiring multicultural authors and illustrators. Intended to be used as a resource guide, it provides educators, librarians, and parents with information about writers and artists whose backgrounds reflect the diversity of our society." There is a special section explaining how to evaluate works for bias. Sections in the book include: Rudolfo Alfonso Anaya: Mexican American; George Ancona: Mexican American;
Shonto Begay: Navajo; Anilu Bernardo: Cuban American; Ignatia Broker: Ojibway/Chippewa; Joseph Bruchac: Abenaki, English, and Slovak; Jeannette Franklin Caines: Black American; Dia Cha: Hmong American; Sook Nyul Choi: Korean American; Barbara Cohen: Jewish American; Pat Cummings: African American; Vivian Sheldon Epstein: Humanist; Nancy Garden: German Italian American; Carmen Lomas Garza: Chicana; Nikki Yolanda Giovanni: Black American; Eloise Greenfield: African American; Virginia Hamilton: African American; Joyce Hansen: African American; Minfong Ho: Overseas Chinese; Johanna Hurwitz: Jewish American; Joy Nozomi Kogawa: Japanese Canadian; Jeanne M. Lee: Chinese American; George Littlechild: Plains Cree Canadian; Bette Bao Lord: Chinese American; Sharon Bell Mathis: African American; Patricia C. McKissack: African American; Nicholasa Mohr: Puerto Rican American; Min Paek: Korean American; Johanna Reiss: Jewish American; Faith Ringgold: African American; Sandra Scoppettone: Italian American; Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve: Lakota; Yoshiko Uchida: Japanese American; Mai Vo-Dinh: Vietnamese American; Alice Walker: African AmerIndian; Mildred Pitts Walter: African American; Yoko Kawashima Watkins: Japanese American; Camille Yarbrough: African American; Paul Yee: Chinese Canadian; Laurence Yep: Chinese American; Assessment Plan [for multicultural programs]; Optional Activities; Author Birthdays; Multicultural Calendar; Resources for Educators, Librarians, and Parents; Illustrator Index; Title Index; and Subject Index.

New Immigrant Literatures in the United States: A Sourcebook to our Multicultural Literacy Heritage
Includes bibliographic references and indexes. Areas covered include literature in: Armenia-American; Chinese-American; Filipino-American; Indian-American; Iranian-American; Japanese-American; Korean-American; Pakistani-American; Anglophone Caribbean-American; Cuban-American; Dominican-American; Puerto Rican-American; Finnish-American; Greek-American; Irish-American; Jewish-American; Sephardic Jewish-American; Polish-American; Slovak-American Czech-American; Mexican-American.

New Press Guide to Multicultural Resources for Young Readers
"The Guide's" primary feature is over a thousand critical reviews of multicultural children's books for young readers K-8, written specifically for this volume. . . . Each review lists the name of the author, editors, illustrator, and translator as appropriate; the publisher and year of publication; and the overall ethnicity or distinguishing feature of the characters of the work. . . . A synopsis with a brief assessment is provided . . . and a more comprehensive review of 250 to 500 words follows." The volume is organized "by themes or topics intended to assist teachers and others in using the culturally diverse materials across the curriculum. Themes including Community, Family, Social Justice, and Building Cross-Cultural Bridges should stimulate ideas for integrating materials from different ethnic and cultural groups. . . . Within each themed chapter reviews are listed by grade level: K-3, 4-6, and 7-8; within each grade level reviews are listed alphabetically by author."

Our Family, Our Friends, Our World: an Annotated Guide to Significant Multicultural Books for Children and Teenagers
This volume "admirably fills a long-standing and growing need for a reference work that provides children and their parents, teachers, and librarians with evaluations of the large array of fiction and nonfiction on multicultural themes." Entries are arranged by geopolitical region and ethnic group and within each group by grade level (preschool-grade 3, grades 4-6, grades 7-9, and grades 10-12). Each entry provides full bibliographic information about a book; ISBN (International Standard Book Number); cost; an abstract/summary of the book's content; as well as an evaluation of the book's literary quality.

Public Education in a Multicultural Society: Policy, Theory, Critique
Includes an index as well as bibliographical references. Some chapter titles include: multicultural education; anti racist civil education; culture, subculture, multiculturalism; challenges of multiculturalism in democratic education; multiculturalism and history; patriotic history; multicultural literature and civic education.

Reading in Series: A Selection Guide to Books for Children
With this volume as a guide, many series will become known to librarians, teachers, parents and children. The annotations will serve as a guide to the right book for each child. The great and growing number of series and sequels guarantees that today's children can find books to meet their interests and developmental needs from an early age and continue through to adulthood. Indexes include: author; title; genre/subject; books for boys; books for girls; and, books for reluctant readers/ESL students. There is also a listing of series that are suitable for use with students of English as a second language.

Reflections of Change: Childrens Literature Since 1945
Selected papers of the Twelfth Biennial Congress of the International Research Society for Childrens Literature held in Stockholm. Topics include: Theory and childrens literature; shifting boundaries between childrens and adult literature; experimental writing and postmodern trends; paradigm shifts; national literatures; reconceptualizing the past. Includes an index and bibliographic sources.

Teaching Multicultural Literature in Grades K-8
Topics presented and discussed here include the politics of childrens literature; making informed choices of multicultural literature; African-American writers of childrens literature; Asian-Pacific American childrens literature; Native Americans in books for the young; Puerto-Ricans in childrens books; the Mexican-American experience; Caribbean childrens literature. Also included is an excellent listing of sources for multicultural literature.

This Land is Our Land: A Guide to Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
This book presents works of fiction, oral tradition, and poetry published since 1985 suitable for young people from preschool through high school. It deals with four major ethnic groups within the United States: African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native American Indians. It contains 570 entries. Also included in these entries is information about 188 other books by these authors. In addition, 90 related earlier books are cited to help identify the writer and add to the information about the book. Entries appear in alphabetical order by writer within each ethnic group, with subsections within each group for fiction, oral tradition and poetry. Several indexes are also included.

U.S. Latino Literature: An Essay and Annotated Bibliography
This bibliography was specifically designed for new readers of Latino literature. The author has tried to include most of the major works, or at least a representative work, by each of the more important and successful writers. The authors provide information regarding Latino literature in the cultural process, along with the history and development of United States Latino literature. The annotated bibliography is divided into: general Latino anthologies; Chicano literature; United States Puerto Rican literature; United States Cuban literature; Latino children and young adult books; Chicanesque literature.

Using Multiethnic Literature in the K-8 Classroom
Provides titles and suggestions for selecting literature for a multicultural curriculum. Areas covered are: childrens literature depicting Blacks; Puerto Ricans in childrens books; Asian Pacific American childrens literature; Mexican American childrens literature in the 1990s; Native Americans in childrens literature; cultural diversity; creating good books for children; reading multiculturally. Includes indexes and bibliographic references.

Voices of Multicultural America: Notable Speeches Delivered by African, Asian, Hispanic and Native Americans, 1790-1995
Includes bibliographical references, entrants, ethnicity index, speech category index, credits, timeline, and keyword index.

Writers of Multicultural Fiction for Young Adults: A Bio-critical Sourcebook
This reference book includes fifty-one alphabetically arranged entries about writers of multicultural fiction for young adults. Each entry consists of a biographical introduction to the author, an overview of major young adult works, a section on the critical reception of the authors writings, a bibliography of works by the author, and a selected bibliography of criticism.

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Children's Multicultural Books Available in Owens Library

Locate children's books with multicultural themes or subject matter available in Owens Library using these directions:

  • Connect to the Library Catalog
  • Click "Keyword"
  • Click in the entry box and type multicultur* or hispanic or african american or native american or american indian or asian american
  • Click the drop down arrow next to "Location"
  • Scroll down and click "NW Owens Juvenile"
  • Click [Search]
  • You will retrieve a list of children's books about multicultural themes or subject matter.

Below is an annotated list of selected multicultural children's books available in Owens Library:

Children of the Midnight Sun : Young Native Voices of Alaska
"Photographs and text present the experiences and way of life of Tlingit, Athabascan, Yupik, and other Native American children in the villages, cities, and bush areas of Alaska" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

DeColores and Other Latin American Folk Songs for Children
Lyrics (in Spanish and English) and music of 27 children's songs from Spanish-speaking countries.

A Drawing in the Sand : A Story of African American Art
"Describes Jerry Butler's development as an artist and his discovery of the long and beautiful tradition of Afro-American art that preceded him" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

Faith Ringold
"Examines the life and work of the artist whose determination to be true to her African-American heritage brought about an influential new art form" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

Family Pictures
"The author describes, in bilingual text and illustrations, her experiences growing up in a Hispanic community in Texas" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

First in the field : baseball hero Jackie Robinson
"A biography which discusses the discrimination faced by Jackie Robinson, the baseball legend who became the first African American to play Major League baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

From Sea to Shining Sea
A compilation of more than 140 folk songs, tales, poems, and stories telling the history of American and reflecting its multicultural society. Illustrated by award winning artists. Includes indexes and bibliographic references.

A History of Multicultural America
Eight volume set covering (1) Exploration to the War of 1812, 1492-1814 (2) The Westward movement and abolitionism, 1815-1850 (3) The Civil War to the last frontier, 1850-1880s (4) The great migrations, 1880s-1912 (5) The New Freedom to the New Deal, 1913-1939 (6) World War II to the New Frontier, 1940-1963 (7) The Great Society to the Reagan era, 1964-1990 (8) Minorities today.

How My Family Lives in America
"African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic-American children describe their families' cultural traditions"(summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

I See the Rhythm
This book "[c]hronicles and captures poetically the history, mood, and movement of African American music" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children
"A selection of traditional tales from various Indian peoples, each accompanied by instructions for related activities dealing with aspects of the environment" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

The Kids' Multicultural Art Book: Arts and Craft Experiences from Around the World
The best way to understand and appreciate another culture is by meeting its people, eating its foods, listening to its music, and by enjoying or creating its arts and crafts. The arts and crafts in this book were inspired by many different cultures and traditions around the world and in the United States and Canada. The author provides good background facts about the culture. She then gives very detailed instructions and illustrations of art work and projects that you can make. This is an excellent book for art teachers, classroom teachers, or anybody working with children. The only way this book could be improved would be with color illustrations.

Malcolm X
"Traces the life of the Black Muslim leader who worked to foster self-respect among African Americans" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

Minty : a story of young Harriet Tubman
"Young Harriet Tubman, whose childhood name was Minty, dreams of escaping slavery on the Brodas plantation in the late 1820s" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

My Black me : A Beginning Book of Black poetry
"A compilation of poems reflecting thoughts on being Black by such authors as Langston Hughes, Lucille Clifton, Nikki Giovanni, and Imamu Amiri Baraka" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

Nathaniel Talking
This is a book of poems featuring African American children and their culture.

On and Off the Street
"Photographs and conversational text record the adventures and fight of two young New York City boys, one white, one black" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

One Hundred and One African American Read Aloud Stories
The best African-American stories to read aloud to children have been compiled into this one volume. It is full of African legend and lore, traditional songs and poetry, as well as current biographies of African-American heroes and haunting stories from the days of slavery. (Each story can be read in about ten minutes.)

Our People
"Parent and child discuss their African-American heritage and the contributions made to civilization by their people" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

The Seventeenth Child
"The oral history of the seventeenth child of black sharecroppers, describing her life in Virginia and New Jersey during the Depression" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

Tales Alive!: Ten Multicultural Folktales with Activities
In this book you will find legends that explain the creation of the world, tales about tricksters, parables about people who are turned into animals, etc. There are tales that will make you laugh out loud, tales that will have you on the edge of your seat, and tales that will make you scratch your head in wonder. Each story is followed by activities that help explain the stories. These activities are inspired by the stories and their characters, as well as by the cultures from which the stories come.

Talking to Faith Ringgold
"An interactive biography of the African American artist and children's book author, detailing her experiences, perspectives, and the inspiration for her art. At intervals in the text, the reader is asked related questions" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

Through My Eyes
"Ruby Bridges recounts the story of her involvement, as a six-year-old, in the integration of her school in New Orleans in 1960" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

Whoever You Are
A beautifully illustrated, simply written children's book explaining that "there are little ones just like you all over the world."

Wilma unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest Woman
"A biography of the African-American woman who overcame crippling polio as a child to become the first woman to win three gold medals in track in a single Olympics" (summary from the MOBIUS catalog).

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Children's Multicultural Books Available in Horace Mann Library

Locate children's books with multicultural themes or subject matter available in Horace Mann Library using these directions:

  • Connect to the Library Catalog
  • Click "Keyword"
  • Click in the entry box and type multicultur* or hispanic or african american or native american or american indian or asian american
  • Click the drop down arrow next to "Location"
  • Scroll down and click "NW Horace Mann Library"
  • Click [Search]
  • You will retrieve a list of children's books about multicultural themes or subject matter.

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