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Chemistry WWW Resources

TIP: Press Ctrl/f and enter a root word, word, or phrase in the Find what: box and click on Find Next to search for a topic on this page. For example, type chemi to search for chemistry, chemical, chemicals.

[ bullet ] ChemDex
ChemDex provides a "directory of chemistry on the world-wide-web" with over 7000 links. Some of these links include Universities in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America, Government, Companies, Chemistry, Databases, Communication, Software, and other links. This site is maintained by Mark Winter, Senior Lecturer in the Chemistry Department at the University of Sheffield, England.

[ bullet ] CHEMINFO
This Web site will "help you find and learn how to use chemistry information resources on the Internet and elsewhere." The CHEMINFO Web site was compiled by Gary Wiggins who is head of the Chemistry Library at Indiana University.

[ bullet ] CHEMnetBase
Created by Chapman & Hall/CRC Publishers, this site "provides scientists, librarians, and students with the most authoritative references available." This site allows users to view "over 1200 books online, conduct specific searches across wide ranges of text, graphics, and databases, and unique features, adapted for research in each field; browse table of contents; view full text in PDF format."

[ bullet ] of the American Chemical Society (ACS)
This Web site provides connections to CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service), which is "the global leader in chemical information, and a division of the American Chemical Society, provides the most comprehensive databases of disclosed research in chemistry and related sciences" Other category links include journals/magazines and other publications, information about careers, educational resources, and chemistry headlines. The site provides a searchable database that includes archives dating back four years. The user is also informed of the latest articles in chemistry news as well as what is new with the Web site. The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society maintains this Web site.

[ bullet ] Visual Elements Periodic Table
"The Royal Society of Chemistry's interactive periodic table features history, alchemy, podcasts, videos, and data trends across the periodic table. Click the tabs at the top to explore each section. Use the buttons above to change your view of the periodic table and view Murray Robertson’s stunning Visual Elements artwork. Click each element to read detailed information."

[ bullet ] NIST WebBook
The NIST WebBook is a gateway to the information found in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Chemistry WebBook. This Web site provides a complete categorized list that makes it easy to view what is available in the NIST Chemistry WebBook. Some of the information available includes thermo chemical data, reaction thermo chemistry, ion energetics, and thermo physical property data. There is also a searchable database for specific compounds based on name, chemical formula, CAS registry number, reaction, author, structure, molecular weight, or selected ion energetics and spectral properties. This Web site is maintained by the staff of NIST.

[ bullet ] The Sourcebook for Teaching Science
This Web site offers links to a variety of topics including chemistry demonstrations, periodic tables, information about chemicals, laboratory safety, student and teacher resources, advanced placement chemistry and other chemistry Web resources. This site is maintained by Norman Herr, Ph.D., Professor of Science and Computer Education, at California State University Northridge.

[ bullet ] WebElements, Periodic Table of Elements
Dr. Mark J. Winter in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, England, maintains the WebElements Web site. This Web site features a Chemputer, which is a set of simple interactive calculators, properties index, and a printable table.

[ bullet ] The Wired Chemist
This site provides a collection of Chemistry resources, which include data tables and mineralogy and environmental information. This web site also provide links to chemistry journals, sites that provide molecular images in various areas of chemistry and to databases that provides periodic charts and toxicity information.

[ bullet ] Yahoo! Science: Chemistry
A vast number of sites from Yahoo that includes a variety of chemistry related disciplines, organizations, libraries, journals, employment, web directories, research, and much more. The user also has the option of searching by keyword on these and many other topics.

[ bullet ] Virtual Chemistry
Virtual Chemistry was developed and is maintained by final year MChem research students in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford. Users are provided a number of virtual experiments along with many other interactive Chemistry resources.

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