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Brick and Click Libraries:
How Do We Support Both?
A Regional Academic Library Symposium
(Iowa, Kansas, Missouri & Nebraska)
Friday, October 26, 2001

Session Descriptions:

Library Web site Redesign and Usability Testing
Michelle Beattie, Clinical Medical Librarian
Susan Sykes Berry, Instructional Reference Librarian
Health Sciences Library, University of Missouri-Kansas Cit
Study the process of testing and redesigning a library Web site based on user feedback. The presenters will "share the obstacles and victories in this ongoing, frustrating, and rewarding process that will help you with your library's next Web site redesign."

E-books and the E-ssential Library: A Discourse on How the Electronic Book Might Enhance the Mission Centrality of Academic Libraries
Rod Henshaw, Dean
Claudia Frazer, Resource Description & Materials Management Librarian
Drake University

Discover a new approach in providing descriptive cataloging for electronic books, an approach that can be used to expand and alter instructional design and delivery of information services. The presentation will address how libraries might need to adapt their traditional mission and organizational structure.

Evolving to Meet the Needs of Remote Patrons: Access to Journal Articles
Jodie Morin, Reference Librarian: Reference, BI, Collection Development
Ann Klavano, Reference Librarian for External Services
Margaret Stangohr, Technical Services & Systems Librarian
Buena Vista University

Learn how a small library has balanced the needs of remote students with the demands of on-campus students, especially in terms of supplying remote patrons with access to journal databases and articles. The presentation will cover database licensing, patron authentication, document delivery, and training remote users.

Click and Brick: Mastering Discipline Specific Information Resources
Linda Scarth, Reference Librarian
Mount Mercy College

Can cumulative information media resources be mastered by both click and brick students? Explore a combination of click and brick library instruction using a college portal, library print and electronic resources, and the World Wide Web.

Collaboration and Change in an Academic Branch Library: an Overview
John Stratton, Director, Regents Center Library
Nancy Burich, Coordinator for Distance Learning Information Services
University of Kansas, Edwards Campus

This presentation covers the changing nature of student populations, faculty teaching and research needs, and work issues in academic branch libraries brought about by distance learners and nontraditional students. The branch campus can be used as a test bed for designing successful access and public services that are scalable for the wider university environment.

Government Information in Context
Geoffrey D. Swindells, Government Documents Coordinator
University of Missouri-Columbia

Searching effectively for government information on the Web requires an understanding of the institutions and processes of government. The presentation will explore a model that incorporates this kind of contextual knowledge into the design of library-based Web resources for remote users. This same model can be used in face-to-face and online reference interviews.

Tailoring Reference Services for the 21st Century Library User
Daryl C. Youngman, Chair of Science Libraries
Kansas State University

The library service expectations and use patterns of a new generation of academic library users differ widely from those of their predecessors. Discover a model of tailored reference service for 21st century users that encourages effective, new roles for academic librarians.

From Chaos to Consensus: a Hybrid Model of Web Page Management
Connie Ury, Library Outreach Coordinator
Frank Baudino, Head Librarian for Information Services
Northwest Missouri State University

Compare and contrast a one-person Webmaster model with a team model of Web site management. The presenters will provide an analysis of the benefits of team management given the current nature of information resources and demands for online library services.

The Competition Between Free Internet Search Services and Library Resources
Xiaotian Chen, Reference/Electronic Resources Librarian
Truman State University

Academic libraries are losing students in the competition with free Internet search services. Efforts taken by some libraries such as personalization/customization and dynamic library Web sites may not work for all libraries. Faculty and student information literacy education might be the key for academic libraries to win the students back.

Integration of Instructional Technology into Courses
Roger Von Holzen, Director--Center for Information Technology in Education
Darla Runyon, Assistant Director and Curriculum Specialist--CITE
Northwest Missouri State University

The focus of this presentation will be on the integration of instructional technology, in its diverse forms, into campus-based and online courses. Examples of instructional concepts employing various multimedia technologies such as Flash, Director, Toolbook II, and HTML will be demonstrated. Additional information about the incorporation of library-based research components will also be discussed.

Generation X Learning Styles and Online Instruction
Lori Mardis, Information Librarian
Vicki Wainscott, Head Librarian for Access Services
Jolaine Zweifel, Computer/Software Specialist
Northwest Missouri State University

Wondering how to make Library Instruction appealing to Generation X? This presentation will explore methods of enhancing distance education teaching modules and tutorials with multimedia components that are both self-paced and engage multiple senses. PowerPoint's Real Presenter, Camtasia, and Tegrity will be presented.

Dreamweaver 5 Workshop
Carol Spradling, Assistant Professor
Carolyn Hardy, Instructor
Northwest Missouri State University

Get hands-on experience using Dreamweaver to create a homepage. Two Computer Science/Information Systems faculty members will demonstrate unique features that this software program has to offer and give you hands-on time to try them out!

Sponsored by Owens Library, Northwest Missouri State University