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Northwest Missouri State University

Owens Linky for Amazon!

Updated Aug. 7, 2013

Need to purchase a book from Amazon?

Get it here first with Owens Linky for Amazon!

Scroll down to see examples of Linky in action!

In order to use:

For Internet Exporer 7 users:

  1. Download IE7PRO.exe program from this site
  2. Install the program (requires Administrative Privilege on the computer)
  3. Restart IE
  4. Click the following link to install the Owens Linky for IE7

For Firefox users:

  1. Install greasemonkey add-on from this site
  2. Restart FireFox
  3. Click the following link to install the Owens Linky for Firefox

For Chrome users:

  1. Click the following link to install the Owens Linky for Chrome


CASE 1: Available at Owens Library

If the same book with the same ISBN is found in the Owens Library Catalog, it will display
"Available at Owens Library" under the book title inside of the Amazon book page.

Available at Owens Library

CASE 2: Available at MOBIUS

Even if we do not have the book matching the ISBN from Amazon, if another library in MOBIUS network
has the book, it will display "Available at MOBIUS" on the Amazon book page.

Available at MOBIUS

CASE 3: Available at WorldCat

If this program cannot find a book with the same ISBN from both Owens Library and MOBIUS, it will display alternative sources for the book, even including the same book with different ISBN numbers through WorldCat.
It can sometimes include books from Maryville Public Library and Owens Library.

Available at WorldCat

How Does it Work??

This JavaScript program allows you to search the Owens Library Catalog, the MOBIUS Catalog, and WorldCat right on the Amazon book pages, and provides users a single link to access catalog pages.

Every book published in the United States and most books in the world contain a unique identification number named the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Some of them are in 10-digit numbers and/or 13-digit numbers.

This program picks up the ISBN number from an book page and performs searches in the Owens Library Catalog, MOBIUS, and WorldCat. It then displays the search results right below the book title.

One glitch of this method is that some books have multiple ISBNs depending on the publication date, publication location, edition, and so on. Therefore, it cannot fully search books with different ISBNs in the Owens Library Catalog and the MOBIUS Catalog. WorldCat, on the other hand, keeps track of all ISBNs pertaining to the book title, so you may find that books are available in our library catalogs through it.